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A Penny Saved Is -$0.014 Earned

It appears that the Lincoln Cent is once again a topic of controversy!  

Indeed, this coinage has had its fair share of publicity since it was first struck.  For those of you who know not, the penny was the first of all authorized U.S. currency, and has had almost a dozen versions.  Minted in 1787, it was designed by none other than Benjamin Franklin and called the “Fugio Cent.”

My own visage was not included on the penny until 1909, when Theodore Roosevelt was kind enough to change the tender in celebration of my 100th birthday.  What a centennial honor!  Before the backs of the coins were changed in 1958 to depict my memorial, they were “wheat backs,” which are now worth upwards of four cents!

Alas, it seems the days of the penny are numbered.  Today, more money is spent to create them than they are worth.  It is estimated that taxpayers spend $0.024 to mint just one cent.  

Allow me to assure you that I am not affronted by the possibility of the removal of my coin.  Just as during my presidency did I wish to preserve the Union, so now do I want nothing more than what is best for the people of this great nation.  Whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference, is no democracy.  In addition, I still have my five dollar tender.

No, friends, I am exceedingly honored to have my name associated with one of the longest running coins in the history of world coinage.  What, then, is my vexation?  It is simply this: with all their boundless resources, why could not find a better likeness to myself for their article?